Assessment Guide

By using, you accept the terms of use. Evaluations can only be made by students who actually attended the given course with the evaluated teacher. We ask that you rate a teacher only once per subject in a semester.

The purpose of the listed guidelines is to protect both students and teachers using the site. Before you rate a teacher on, read and keep them in mind when rating:

What should you do?

  • Be honest.
  • Be as objective as possible in your assessment.
  • Make sure to evaluate the teacher's teaching skills, avoid getting personal.
  • Remember that constructive criticism can be helpful. If you just drag out a teacher, it doesn't help anyone. A seemingly biased outburst will not be credible to those who do not know you or the teacher.
  • Write an opinion about the instructor's teaching skills, communication skills, level of requirements, type of tasks, and topics discussed.
  • Check your comments before posting. We won't remove your review because of spelling mistakes, but others may question its authenticity.

What not to do?

  • state something as fact if that is your opinion.
  • rate a teacher you haven't had a class with.
  • rate teachers from other schools.
  • bring up an object that does not exist.
  • rate a teacher for the same subject more than once.
  • Teachers: don't judge yourself or your colleagues.

Any comments that are obscene, obscene, abusive, threatening, intimidating, hateful, stigmatizing, defamatory, discriminatory, indecent, pornographic, sexually suggestive, harassing, racist or inappropriate are inappropriate. These posts will be deleted immediately as soon as anyone reports it to the administrators of the page!

Comments that contain the following will be deleted:

  • Obscenity, rudeness, overtly sexual content
  • Derogatory comments about the teacher's religion, ethnicity, physical appearance, mental or physical abilities.
  • References to the teacher's sex life (sexual targeting, sexual orientation, or other sexual comments)
  • Allegations that the teacher favors certain students or groups of students over others or discriminates against them.
  • Allegations that the teacher has been fired, will be fired, suspended, or is on probation.
  • Allegations that the teacher engages in or has engaged in illegal activities (e.g. drug use).
  • A link to a website that does not directly belong to the taught subject.
  • Any information that can be used to identify a student.
  • Any information about the teacher that is not found on the school's website and can be used by someone outside the school to contact the teacher.
  • Notes on the teacher's family life.
  • Allegations that the teacher is evaluating himself or that his colleagues are evaluating him/her.
  • Apart from comments in Hungarian or English, all comments written in other languages.

The "What not to do?" we will strictly observe the provisions of this section, in case of violation, the comment will be deleted, or the entire evaluation may be deleted. If you see a review that violates the Review Guidelines, report it by pressing the button next to the review. Our moderators are investigating the incident.

Please do not report a review just because you disagree with it.

Comments that are physically threatening will be deleted. Furthermore, we notify the owner of the IP address when exactly the evaluation was made. This is enough information to clearly identify the author of the comment! In addition, the IP address may only be issued in the event of an official (court) proceeding or an official request.