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Hungary's largest review portal

We are proud that the MarkMyProfessor portal, founded in 2009, has become a household name.In 2010 we won the Website of the Year award, and in the last decade we have appeared on the front pages of Medium, Index, Origo,, HVG, and many other portals. Our portal's 375,000 managed reviews are a guarantee that every visitor will find the right content for them.

Targeted advertising, individual agreements

Of our users, 57% are women and 43% are men. Over 95% of our users are graduates or university students, because the site is for them. We are open to individual arrangements, whether it's a prize draw, a targeted newsletter or even a banner ad.

Reaching out to young graduates, trainers

The profile of MarkMyProfessor among graduates is high. With an average of 600,000 unique visitors per year and 6 million page views, it covers almost all of Hungarian higher education. Whether you are looking for career opportunities, advertising for graduates or university lecturers, you can be sure that MarkMyProfessor is the right portal for you.

Targeting solutions

MarkMyProfessor's exclusive partners have access to the targeting API, which can be used to optimise the targeting of online campaigns. If your target group is young graduates, our targeting API will be a great help in your online marketing.

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